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September 2017

  • September 23 and 24
    Open to public

    A unique experience in Montréal!

    Share your passion for sport and physical training with friends and professionals. Whether you are looking to discover new products and ideas, improve yourself, get advice, meet specialist or just have fun, you will find your perfect fit. The Expo offers exhibitors, group classes, activities, conferences, demonstrations and competitions. Any reason is a good reason to visit the Physical Training and Sport Expo.

    Info: 1-877-583-4861

    September 23 and 24

October 2017

  • Open to public

    The largest travel industry show in Canada that is open to the public welcomes more than 36,000 visitors in three days. The show attracts vacationers, globetrotters, travellers, avid explorers, cruisers, tourists and those who are seeking out exotic destinations. This annual event brings together 400 exhibitors and partners, along with the major players in the tourism industry. Discover more than 100 countries on site.
    Visitors can immerse themselves in daily presentations, expert advice, international culture, folklore and live performances to discover the world in 3 days! 


    Info: 514-527-9221

    October 20 to 22